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What is a lip kit? What are the benefits of Coconut Oil and Vitamin E in lipstick?

What is a lip kit? What are the benefits of Coconut Oil and Vitamin E in lipstick?

Lipstick and matching lip liner for high-definition lips

Are you looking for a fuller pout and high-definition lips? If so, then lip kits are the answer. A lip kit comprises two cosmetic products in one versatile kit, including a matte liquid lipstick with a matching lip liner. The lip liner defines your lips while locking in the lipstick, giving you a bold look.

Lip liners can give volume and definition to your lips, keep your lipstick on longer, and prevent it from feathering. It contains intense pigment to give your lips the aesthetic appearance you desire.

Keep reading to learn more about coconut oil's and vitamin E's beneficial properties in lipstick.

What ingredients to look for in a lip kit if you want soft and hydrated lips all day?

If you want soft and hydrated lips all day, look for coconut oil and vitamin E when purchasing your lip kit. These two ingredients are proven to soften and moisturise the skin on your lips, making your lips feel supple. In addition, coconut oil and vitamin E help create a protective layer over the delicate skin on our lips that helps to prevent damage from pollutants that can lead to dryness and cracking. 

One of the best features of this product is its versatility; there is no wrong way to use them. For example, if you want a matte finish on your lips but do not want the colour too intense, apply the lip liner to your lips solely, or you can achieve a statement high-definition look by using both together. 

What is Vitamin E? 

Vitamin E is an oil-soluble vitamin found naturally in plants and vegetable oils. Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin cells, which may help make lips appear smoother. Vitamin E is excellent for maintaining healthy lips by keeping them hydrated and soft.


What are the benefits of Vitamin E in lipstick? 

The lips are a delicate skin layer requiring extra care and attention. Vitamin E is an excellent way to protect your lips and keep them healthy. It moisturises, soothes irritated skin, protects from pollutants such as cold weather in the winter season (that lead to dryness), and plumps the lips due to its anti-ageing properties. 

Vitamin E, typically used in lipsticks such as Tina Beauty and Skin lip kit, has both hydrating and moisturising effects. Vitamin E in lipstick is often recommended for lip skin to provide long-lasting moisture while giving fuller poutier lips. 

What is Coconut Oil? 

Coconut oil has been used for centuries as an ingredient in all beauty products, from skin lotions to hair care and for a good reason too. Coconut oil extracted from the flesh of the coconut mainly contains 'short-chain' fatty acids or medium-chain triglycerides such as lauric acid, capric acid, myristic acid and palmitic acid. It has moisturising properties, which are especially beneficial to keep lips smooth and soft. 

The fatty acids in coconut oil provide hydration to help keep your lips from drying out and maintain moisture for healthy lips. The antioxidants protect your lips against free radicals and oxidative stressors, while the fat content helps seal moisture into your skin. The lauric acid in coconut oil also has antibacterial properties, which help protect against free radicals. 


What are the benefits of Coconut Oil in lipstick? 

Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturiser that maintains healthy, moisturised lips, helping to prevent dryness. If you want long-lasting lipstick to wear all day, coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help protect your lips from pollutants. 

Why do Vitamin E and Coconut oil work effectively together?

Coconut oil contains moisturising properties, which are essential to maintaining healthy lips. Vitamin E can penetrate your lips deeply and preserve the lipids (fats) in your lips, keeping your lips hydrated and plump. 

Coconut oil and vitamin E combined in lipstick lock in moisture keeping your lips moisturised and avoiding dryness and lipstick flaking. Coconut oil and vitamin E make your lipstick better suited for all-day wear. 

How to apply lipstick and lip liner for optimal results?

Achieving a perfect lipstick application can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Follow these simple steps for smooth, full-coverage lips that will last all day with Tina Beauty and Skin lip kit. 

  1. Start from the cupid's bow on your top lip, and draw a cross in the middle section, followed by slightly overlining from the top of the cupid bow. As you go further down connecting to your bottom lip, stop overlining and follow your natural lip line.
  2. Once you have defined your top lip, do the same for your bottom lip. Start from the centre of your bottom lip, where your lips naturally appear plump. Then draw along your natural lip line upwards, connecting to your top lip. 
  3. Apply lipstick and fill your lips for a high-definition plump look. 



Why Choose a Tina Beauty and Skin Lip Kit? 

It's no secret that having beautiful lips can instantly improve your appearance and boost your confidence. Many products are on the market to help you achieve this, but only some lip kits have beneficial ingredients for your lips. So why choose Tina's Beauty and Skin Lip Kit? Let's discuss the main reasons below:


Tina Beauty and Skin lip kits are a good option for a long-lasting lip colour that doesn't smudge. One of the most convenient aspects of this kit is that all the items are water-resistant, so you won't have to worry about reapplying your makeup after a drink or snack.

The water-resistant formula is perfect for when it rains, you go swimming, or you're at the beach. Plus, if you eat greasy foods or have a drink with your meal, you won't have to worry about your lipstick transferring to the food or glass. The waterproof formulas also last longer than other lipsticks because they don't fade as quickly as standard lipsticks.

Transfer-proof lipstick 

A lot of people have a fear of lipstick that won't stay put. That fear is understandable, but Tina Beauty and Skin have taken care of the problem because the lip kits are transfer-proof lipsticks that last longer, making them perfect for date night and all-day wear, so you don't need to worry about topping up your lips for hours on end!

The pigment of the lipstick is also exceptional; it glides on smoothly and quickly; applying it doesn't take much effort at all, which means less time spent getting ready each day. 

Vegan and cruelty-free

Tina Beauty and Skin lip kits are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben free. The coconut oil and Vitamin E in these lip kits help moisturise, hydrate and plump your lips while giving them a high-definition look that will last all day. 


Lastly, Tina Beauty and Skin lip kits are long-lasting. You'll wear it for many hours without having to reapply. But you might be thinking: how could that be possible? Simple. We tested our formula and perfected it to ensure it is high-pigmented and lasts for hours without flaking and fading.

With one application, the lipstick will feel lightweight and provide a velvety soft touch. In addition, Tina Beauty and Skin Lip Kit contains coconut oil and vitamin E, the essential ingredients of a good lipstick. This lipstick penetrates deep into the skin, leaving your lips supple and soft, helping to prevent dryness.

Our top picks to include in your makeup bag from Tina Beauty and Skin

If you're looking to add some new lipsticks to your routine, it can be hard to know which shade of lipstick will look the best on you. To make things easier, here are some of our top shade picks from Tina Beauty and Skin that can refresh your makeup bag instantly!

Shade Palaces of Pakistan: mocha brown lipstick


Mocha brown lipstick is an excellent shade to have in your makeup bag. It's a very natural-looking brown lipstick that is suitable for many looks. This colour is not too dark, but it isn't too light either.

It is a perfect medium brown with some red undertones to give it dimension, making it ideal for all seasons. Mocha Brown lipstick is perfect for everyday wear because you can wear it with any look, whether you are going out or staying in.

Mocha brown lipstick looks fantastic paired with bronzer to give the appearance of sun kissed skin or with matte light pink blush on your cheeks as an effortless way to pull off this look. You will also love how soft and moisturising the lip kit feels on your lips! 

Shade Los Angeles Sunset: nude pink lipstick


Tina Beauty and Skin lip kit in the shade Los Angeles Sunset, our nude pink lipstick is an everyday colour that is flattering on everyone, whatever your skin tone.

It has a pinky-nude hue with coconut oil and Vitamin E, giving your lips a healthy yet high-defined look. The lip colour is moisturising, long-wearing, and gentle on the delicate skin of your lips.

The creamy, rich formula will glide onto your lips and give you a beautiful matte finish. Shade Los Angeles Sunset is a perfect option for those who are new to wearing lipstick or want to try something new. 

Shade Kiss Me In Paris: bold red lipstick


A bold red lip never goes out of style, and we like long-lasting red lipstick. Our top red lip shade is kiss me in Paris. This daring and deep red lipstick is a statement red we all need in our makeup bag.

The colour is beautiful, and it's perfect for all skin tones. It also has moisturising ingredients like coconut oil and Vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated, soft, and well-defined.

It has a lightweight cream formula that stays on your lips for hours without drying them out. It also stays on your lips, so you don't have to worry about smudging or wearing off throughout the day. 

Do you want long-lasting lipstick that will give you a fuller, high-definition look? While keeping lips hydrated, you can consider Tina Beauty and Skin matte liquid lipstick and lip liner kit, which contains coconut oil and vitamin E.

The lip kit comes in ten shades, including pinks, reds, nudes, and browns, priced at £14.98 each. They are also transfer-proof, waterproof, long-lasting, cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan. 

You may also be interested in reading how do shea butter and cocoa butter in lip balm treat dry lips. 

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